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Welcome to BeauGEM Biotechnology
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We will become the best company in 21th century
leading the global market of at-home medical devices.
인사말 배경 사진

Having worried about how to live healthier and made effort to find solution in the human history, people have produced the current medical achievement. Although human life span is extending to 100 years old due to medical development, the expansion of life span doesn’t seem to draw human’s happiness.

People live longer but are actually exposed to various diseases not experienced before. Considering the statistical survey that Korean women suffer from diseases for about 18 years before die, it is certain that extension of life span is not the necessary condition for happiness.

At this point, BeauGem started to concern.
To secure better healthy life of old age, we are aiming at a total health care company providing the health guidance for 1/3 to 1/2 of life from middle age to old age.

We will become a company that customers can believe and branches can believe and a company obtaining customers and branches’ trust.

Thank you.

CEO of BeauGEM Biotechnology,
Park Jong Sik