Global BeauGEM

Overseas Expansion of BeauGEM

History of Beaugem

This is the history of overseas expansion of BeauGEM,
your lifelong health partner.


05Exported BeauCO Gold first time

04Submitted BeauGEM Biotechnology product to 2018 Intercham in Russia

01Obtained EAC certificate for BeauCO Gold


12Applied patent in 4 countries (US, India, China, Japan)

09Visited exclusive distributor, Aleksei in Novosibirsk, Moscow, Russia

04Signed official contract for export to Russia

03Supplied a sample and had 1st discussion for entering US market

02Proceeding with export certification process / EAC certificate - Cosb 2, BeauCo Cream

01Requested and sent Cosb2 sample (10 samples)


11Introduced excellent product of Cosb2 and sent product sample

11Had 1st discussion related to health and beauty shop with K2GBS, overseas business agency for regions using Russian