Health Care Center

Business Opportunity

Future of silver industry : Considering current prospects for population structure in Korea, the silver industry is evaluated as very important business continuously increasing old population.

The main issue of the silver industry is the keyword related to “health”.
We recommend you to join us as a business partner of BeauGEM running silver industry and at-home medical appliance business for health care.

Estimated change in population structure in Korea
한국의 인구구조 변화전망
Characteristics/Advantages of BeauGEM Agency
  • Establishment at low cost
  • Forming continuous relation with customer
  • Target marketing
  • Saving promotion expenses
  • Maximizing return on investment (Low risk, High return)
  • Product differentiation -EMS, waist, calf muscle, nose and face muscle, laser, etc.
  • No pressure from stock
  • Delivering business running know-how
  • Providing business operator education system
  • Easily securing customer and promoting
  • Lifelong job without age limit
4 Major operation principles of BeauGEM agency
뷰젬대리점의 4대운영 원칙
뷰젬대리점의 4대운영 원칙
Agency opening procedure
개설문의 아이콘


Inquiry for opening

지역선택/상권분석 아이콘


Area selection/Trade area analysis

점포계약 아이콘


Store contract

매장 인테리어 아이콘


Store interior

매장 집기 구매설치 아이콘


Purchasing and installing equipment for store

점장교육 아이콘


Education for manager

매장제품설치 아이콘


Installing product in store

최종점검 아이콘


Final inspection

가오픈 아이콘



Monthly education for mangers in whole country

Our headquarter is actively supporting for successful operation of BHCC continuously delivering new product information, branch operation method, latest market trend, know-how for success, etc. through monthly education and seminar for managers in the whole country.

월간 전국지점장 교육 이미지
BHCC – BeauGEM agency business introduction meeting

BeauGEM Biotechnology announces good products to the customer, shares corporate philosophy of the lifelong health care partner of customers, and consistently expends BHCC for win-win. We are holding regular business introduction meeting for future branch managers who want to be a business partner.

월간 전국지점장 교육 이미지월간 전국지점장 교육 이미지월간 전국지점장 교육 이미지
BHCC – Franchise Fair

BeauGEM Biotechnology attends various fairs related to health and medicine to meet customers face to face and does not stop effort to develop new products reflecting product requirement and needs of customers.

월간 전국지점장 교육 이미지월간 전국지점장 교육 이미지월간 전국지점장 교육 이미지