About BeauGEM

Model of Conduct/Welfare benefits

BeauGEM’s Model of Conduct

BeauGEM employees produce the best product with the trust and will that each customer can become healthy.

BeauGEM employees do not miss any minor thing for customers to feel our sincerity when using products.

뷰젬 인재상
열정 아이콘


Person who consistently challenges the future based on the professional passion and devotion

협력 아이콘


Person who communicates and cooperates with leading attitude and open mind

배려 아이콘


Person who has warm heart and attitude of consideration

Welfare Benefit System

  • Vacation for family event and expenses for condolences

    Supporting expenses, vacation and wreath for congratulations and condolences in case of family event

  • Supporting expenses for cultural life

    Supporting performances, books, albums, movies, etc.

  • Discounting company’s product

    Discounting when purchasing company’s product

  • Workshop

    Having workshop with all employees once a year

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