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[Product use] Are all the BeauGEM products verified and obtained permission?
[Product use] What is proper hours of use of the product?
[Product use] My acquaintance said that his pain on the waist or legs are greatly relieved after receiving care from BeauGEM branch. I have pains on several areas on my body and will it be better?
[Product use] Is it ok for a child or a pregnant woman to use the product?
[After sales service] How long can I receive after sales service?
[Purchase inquiry] I want to give a present to the acquaintance living abroad. How can I send it?
[Purchase inquiry] I am living abroad. I want to purchase the product. How can I purchase it?
[Branch introduction] I want to run a branch. How can I run a branch?
[Purchase inquiry] I heard that my acquaintance’s mother had a great effect and I want to by a product. Where can I buy it?
[Branch introduction] I want to open a branch. Can any one run business?
[Branch introduction] Is there a specific regulation for the area for opening a branch?
[Branch introduction] I want to open a branch abroad. How can I open a branch?